A little bit for the visa interview date

Very important! Don’t forget to bring all documents

– Dress modestly wearing a rather formal outfit

– Answer questions clearly, answer questions and speak truthfully. Emphasize that your child’s educational plans should be accurate. You should prepare yourself for the interview in advance. or with the institute’s staff for readiness and to reduce ประหม่าในวันreal interview

In terms of health insurance, The United States does not provide health insurance from the government, so you will need to prepare your health insurance. usually, All educational institutions in the United States recommend purchasing health insurance at the beginning of the term. or some institutions will have regulations that Students must insure only with the insurance company contracted by the educational institution. Or combine it with when paying the tuition fee, which is the advantage that children will be confident that health insurance meets the conditions. enough coverage and easy to make a claim

but if the kids already have insurance or want to buy insurance from Thailand Be sure to look at the requirements of the educational institution as well. Where can I get health insurance with any insurance company? and should inform the insurance plan with the institution to check conditions and coverage, such as the amount of insurance that must be covered It should bring documents about the insurance plan. (English version) that the children bought from Thailand with them

Did you know? In case of urgent need to apply for a US visa, This can be done at no additional cost. Just report it to the embassy to determine the need for an urgent วีซ่า application. After that, the embassy will inform you of the schedule for interviewing back. If considered