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Subject matter tips Baccarat formula without technology

All 5 baccarat formulas are given as academic tips for playing to win in baccarat card games without relying on technology or AI and most importantly, do not have to waste money to apply for membership to buy calculation programs from various bureaus. Collect money for the purchase of the program Register to play baccarat better than the top 5 tips Users can choose according to their own aptitude and can also turn around according to the situation of the cards in that table. Sorted from the most popular to use the best subjects to play baccarat as follows:

The money walk formula looks at the dragon baccarat card layout.

It is a formula that gamblers know and are the most popular. because it is easy to remember and easy to use By the nature of the dragon card is Cards that are drawn to either side in succession. Normal eyes are more than 5 eyes or more (repeated on the same side as long as dragons). Using this formula, players keep an eye on the cards for about 2 – 3 eyes. When the cards start to come out in a row for 3 consecutive eyes, the player starts betting according to the dragon cards, namely Betting on the winning side, for example, 1st to 4th turn, B side wins. From the 4th turn onwards, bet on B side until the card changes to the winning side to P or a draw card (T). Whenever the card changes, move the table. Change the room to play another table in another room immediately.

The formula for walking money, looking at the layout of the baccarat card, ping-pong style

is another recipe used by gamblers because it is another easy to remember By the nature of the card or ping-pong card is Cards must be alternating P , B from 3 consecutive games or more. And it will be like this for about 4 – 5 eyes. Players can choose to bet P, B alternately, but if they are issued alternately in this manner for about 8 consecutive eyes or more, the player should stop betting according to this formula. first because most of them will be issued no more than this There are a few additional observations for the narrator. If in the case of playing baccarat cards that are broadcast live, which will be issued no more than 5 consecutive eyes,
the money walk formula looks at the baccarat card layout, spread betting

This formula is suitable for players who play without looking at stats, but keep playing. It is recommended that players can use this formula with the repeating card range of the side that wins 2 consecutive draws often or draws 2 draws often. Use this formula immediately. is the next turn to land B, then the next turn to P, then the third turn to land T, the fourth turn to land B, the fifth turn to P. Note for this formula, it is recommended to play as a secret weapon. Use only when you run out of wits to fight. Use to find a way out of debt the same way as the main one, play P or B as the main T or always do not focus.

Money walking formula. Look at the baccarat card layout. stab after him

Recommend this formula for players to start by waiting for the cards to see which style of cards come out. and then start stabbing after him for example Cards that have always been in pairs, such as P/P/B/B/P/P have never been drawn 3 times, allow players to bet on the B side in the next turn.

The formula for walking money, looking at the layout of the Baccarat card, repeated stabbing

This last formula Allows players to choose a baccarat table to play from the total number of tables available. When entering the game, wait to see the result before 1 eye and then start placing bets on the 2nd eye. By the way of placing bets, in the 1st eye that we first entered the table, what cards came out, then bet accordingly, for example, the first eye came out B. The 2nd eye that is played must bet B or if the first turn is a card P, the 2nd eye that is played must bet P after that, whether it’s a win or loss. then change the playing table immediately and choose a new table Then use the same principle. and in the case of stabbing to place bets with the same amount of money But if the stab Increase the limit to 2 times the amount of money in the previous eye. And when the profit that has been targeted, then stop playing immediately. If you bet on one side wrong for 3 consecutive rounds, stop playing first for the result to come out on the side that you want to choose. To start stabbing that side again, for example, choose to bet on the B side 3 times in a row All out of the wrong to the player’s side. Like this, wait for a while and wait until the cards come out on the B side again.

The best of the best baccarat formulas

From the tips of the course on the best 5 baccarat formulas that do not require technology. Any computer program or intelligent AI system wastes the player’s expense. Ultimately these tips are to look at baccarat with your eyes and brain to recognize the player’s own cards. It is actually the fundamental mathematical principle of logic and probability. This is the same principle that the system of instant programs or AI with the baccarat formula of the various bureaus is used, therefore, the best of the baccarat formula is the best. The player’s inner strength Be conscious of looking and remembering the nature of the cards only.