Casino Sic Bo

Beat the popular Hi-Lo

Beat the popular Hi-Lo

Sic Bo is a form of gambling game that Thai people are well known for. The play is simple with minimal equipment, only a dice board, 3 dice and a blackout shaker. That’s it, you can set up a band to play dice. Therefore, we can often see playing Sic Bo gambling at merit events. a gathering where a number of people meet

How to play to win Sic Bo

The style of play that has been developed throughout the present era that can be played with a slap in the online format. make a lot of people pay attention and use the service with a large number of service providers using the technique reliable gameplay Hunt for bets as well.

Tod bet selection, Tod

pattern 1: You observe the points of the dice for a while. Then select the points that stand out the most often come to 1 number and choose to bet more of the points that are often drawn. Try to come down to the 2nd and 3rd numbers to create more chances to win.

Tod Pattern 2: It’s a similar technique that Choose to bet on a series of similar numbers such as 1-3, 4-6, etc. This guarantees that it creates a good chance of winning.

betting on lucky numbers

Selecting a method is an emphasis on selecting options. Suitable for playing Tod for a while and then when it comes to choosing a favorite number By using statistical principles in the most frequent cascades For you to try to win is a good opportunity to create a certain level.

Stuck in wait

It’s a relatively safe method. Because choosing to play like this is not necessary to play in every turn. But waiting for the moment when the score is repeated in more than 2 consecutive games is considered appropriate. When it’s the 3rd game, it’s still a good win. Guaranteed to see profits as well. Suitable for players who are relatively calm, slowly waiting for each other to

roll up the bet.

Selecting a Rollover Betting It’s a very good method, but it’s important to have the right funds. Have a good reserve Whether it’s a new member or an old member by playing such as

§ Game 1 played 100 baht, lost result, lost bet 100 baht = -100 baht

§ 2nd game played 200 baht, lost result, lost bet 200 baht = – 300 baht

§ 3rd game, play 300 baht, the result is a bet of 100 baht = 0 baht. The

technique of winning the dice can be easily understood. Suitable for both skilled gamblers to novice players. It is an easy choice to play for real money. Play directional dice Able to create continuous bets