Casino Roulette

Roulette difficult ?

Roulette is not as difficult as you think.

To increase your skills as a gambler of the casino world Knowing the rules and basic methods of playing roulette will be an indispensable step Because you can use it to increase profits from winning bets in the future in the following ways:

• The game controller (Croupier) will time 60 seconds for the bettor to place bets on a number. or the desired format Each selection has a different payout ratio.

• After placing a bet, the croupier spins the roulette wheel to the left. The ball is then thrown along the spin of the roulette wheel.

• When the ball stops at a specific number, The game supervisor will display the number on which the ball is. and then compared to verify the results.

There are two types of roulette bets.

Roulette has a variety of betting methods to choose from. There are two main types of bets: Outside bets and Inside bets

• Outside bets – bets that do not have specific numbers, such as odds, odds, reds and blacks. or high, low, etc.

• Inside bet – different number betting formats. For example, bet number 1 or bet number 5, 6 and 7. This variation has a higher payout ratio than outside bets, but it also carries more risks. together

Learn how to bet on roulette.

There are also 11 different ways to bet on roulette, each of which has a different payout ratio and bet. Let’s see what each method is like. And which method will be the most suitable way for you

1. Black – Red (Teng Black – Red)

The bettor can choose up to 36 bet numbers from numbers 1 to 36, which measures the outcome of a roulette ball landing on the black or red bar as the primary, with payout odds of 1:1.

2. Even – Odd (The Even-Odd favorite)

is a low-risk method. Just choose to bet on the number that comes out that will be an even number or an odd number. Come out with the number 0, the dealer will win that turn. with a payout ratio of 1:1

3. Big – Small (High – Low)

is a way to bet on whether the drawn number will be a high or low number, where the ‘low’ number in roulette is 1-18 and the ‘high’ number is 19-36, with payout ratio 1: 1

4. Column (Teng row)

roulette games are lining up to make a bet, bet 3 in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each row has 12 numbers total number of 3 zones, a total of 36 numbers at a rate of payouts of 1: 2.

5. Dozen (Hot zone)

A gambler can bet in this way by choosing numbers from 3 zones: 1st (1 – 12), 2nd (13 – 24), and 3rd (25 – 26). There are 12 numbers in each zone, the winner is referenced. from the award zone The payout ratio is 1:2.

6. Basket

A gambler can place bets on only 0, 1, 2 and 3 with a payout ratio of 1: 8

7. Line (straddle six numbers)

A gambler can place bets in this way, just in case. In cases where the likelihood of it is not yet seen is to straddle up to 6 numbers except 0 with payout ratio of 1:5

8. Square (straddle four)

Another method that can be used if you don’t have a favorite number. The method of betting is similar to Line, but reduces the number of straddling numbers to only 4 by placing the chip bet in the middle between the 4 numbers. Importantly, this method has a high payout rate (1:8).

9. Street (straddle Three numbers)

how to make a profit That’s a risk, but worth it. It is a 3-number straddling pattern. It has the same way of placing it as Line and Square, but you can only straddle 3 numbers if you predict the roulette correctly. The payout rate is as high as 11 times (1:11).

10. Split (straddle two numbers)

worth trying another way. Is to place 2 numbers straddling the same way as the 3 above, but you can only place 2 numbers if you predict the roulette correctly. The payout rate will be as high as 17 times (1:17).

11. Straight up (favorite numbers)

This method selects a single number from the wheel. You can choose any 1 number (numbers 0 – 36) if you guess the number correctly. The roulette winnings multiplied by 35 times (1:35) will be yours immediately.